I trust you.
No you don’t. Isn’t that why you check up on me every moment you can?

I care for you.
Care for me or care for the additional income that you might get from me?

Study hard for your future.
Your’s or mine?

Being happy is most important.
And then you tell me to sacrifice my current happiness for the future.

You’re useless.
Yeah thanks, I know I am.

Why don’t you just give up?
But of course I have to go to work again and live for myself.

How can you have time to leisurely eat meals? Do your work.
I should totally skip meals everyday and do my homework and study all day long.

I try and try again to believe that you care for me. That everything you say is for my own sake. But I can’t help but doubt it some how. Is it really? Or is it for your own satisfaction. To use me to reach the goals you couldn’t reach, to do the things you want to do and to have the things you want to have. And of course, on the way you can use me to vent your frustrations, release all the pent up anger that you might have and satisfy yourself that you can have power over at least one thing in your life. I don’t understand. I can’t bring myself to understand anymore.

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As always

Got a call,
hung up on each other.

Sat down,
felt so freaking hurt.

But as always, I still fucking love them

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I hate myself for missing my brother, my uncle, everyone.

and then I hate myself again for hating myself for missing my brother and everyone.

How simple mindedly complex I am.

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This theme is named choco.

No cookies to those who can guess why I’m using it.

Cookies to those who can’t. Cos that means they dunno me, and that also means I won’t be able to send my cookie over(:

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Oh waoooo

I just realised, I revived my blog on my 100th post. Ain’t that coolio? 😀 Hmm let’s see. What to blog about…. nothing much. Actually I’d like to rant, but I think ranting on my second post since revival won’t be good for the blog’s health. So long and thankyou for the fishies:D

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Oh my.

I’m amazed. there are actually people viewing this blog, still.



there we go(:

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Life’s a roadtrip on a road with a lot of forks.

It’s like you’re on a trip on the road, during the trip you’ll definitely meet a lot of people. But always there will be forks on the road right and you’ll have to part with the people you meet on that stretch of the road. Some might go the same way as you for longer time, others for a shorter time. But no matter what, you’ll have to part. Sometimes the roads might weave and you might see a glimpse of each other, but you’re on two different roads and it won’t ever be the same as when you were travelling on the same road. If you’re really lucky, the roads might meet again, and you’ll be able to spend some more time with your old friends but something deep within you will tell you that you’ll be parting before long.

You know, my heart still skips a beat whenever I see your picture, hell, just a glimpse of your name is enough to stop my heart. I wonder if that’s love that everyone talks about. But our stretch of road together is over now, I know that. I chose the forks you took because I wanted to be with you longer but after a while I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to be able to choose my own road, not follow you along. The road we wanted was different. I knew that it was impossible to turn back to where we should have parted, so I parted from you there. To be truthful, I wanted to take the same fork as you. But I thought, if I didn’t walk off now, I would never be able to do it. So I did, and I’m walking down a foreign road, taking random forks, and stumbling along blindly. But I know our roads probably won’t cross again and I’m glad of that because I’m going to choose my forks properly, not like before.

I’m gonna enjoy my roadtrip til the end♥

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